4:13 pm IST 14 Mar 2020:

Google notified via its webmaster blog to all users that it is postponing all the scheduled webmaster’s conference in all the cities across the globe. Coronavirus outbreak is globally affecting all the tech companies. Many of the companies are offering work from home options to their employees.

The blog article at webmaster’s blog mentioned:

To wit, with the growing concern around coronavirus and in line with the travel guidelines published by WHO, the CDC, and other organizations, we are postponing all Webmaster Conference events globally. While we’re hoping to organize events later this year, we’re also exploring other ways to reach targeted audiences.

Webmaster conferences are held by Google in different major cities of the world where people related to the SEO Industry can meet and discuss the latest trends in the SEO vertical. For more information, you can visit https://webmasters.googleblog.com/


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