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How Pinterest Helps Small Businesses & Startups?

If you think Pinterest is only used for sharing images and personal lives, then you might need to be more familiar with this amazing platform. Pinterest is one of the best visual search engines and social media platforms that can boost your small business or start-up.

Once you understand the true power of Pinterest’s social networking platform, it can become your secret weapon. Pinterest helps small businesses & startups to grow as well as enhance the performance of a growing company. Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, including beginners and leading ones, as it helps to build a brand. In simplest words, Pinterest will help to grow your business and make money.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine and a powerful social media platform that has 450 million active users. It is totally different from other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Mostly, these platforms are used to influence marketing, but on the other hand, people find Pinterest for businesses to be a valuable demographic. It can be easily used to create shareable Pinterest images for small businesses. Let’s understand how Pinterest helps small businesses & startups.

Why Should Use Pinterest To Promote Small Businesses And Startups? 

Pinterest is a visual search engine that can help a business in many ways. Let’s have a look below:

Huge User Base: Pinterest has a larger user base that can expose your business to millions of people.

Platform For Visual Communication: Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can present your business visually. And it is the only platform that supports visual searches.

Commercial Activities: Pinterest can help get recognition for your small business or startup and increase the sale of your products or services.

Brand Awareness: Pinterest can raise huge awareness of your brand or business as users want to explore something new every time.

You can use this social media platform to promote your businesses or startups and claim more profit. 

How To Use Pinterest For Small Businesses & Startups – 10 Tips

Tips To Use Pinterest For Small Businesses & Startups

Pinterest helps small businesses & startups in several ways. Here are 10 tips to help you grow your business on Pinterest.

Optimize Your Profile

For your business’s growth, you have to optimize your profile. Your profile should contain your company or brand name, a relevant profile picture, and a strong description that includes keywords that explain your business.

Create Boards That Align With Your Brand

Make your boards like that display your business’s or brand’s style, values, and message. It will be easy for a user to understand your business or what your brand actually offers, and they can choose according to their interests and needs.

Pin Consistently

For better growth, try to pin consistently, not weekly, as it will keep your brand up-to-date and current. It will gain the attention of users, and you will get more followers, which will be beneficial for your business.

Use High-Quality Visuals

As it is clear, Pinterest is a visual search engine, so it will be better to pin the highest-quality images and videos that will grab user’s attention at first sight. It will put your service and products in front of users in the best possible way.

Add Helpful Descriptions Or Hashtags

While pinning images or videos, you need to write an effective description that gives context to the pin and encourages more involvement from users. Also, always use appropriate hashtags so that your content or profile is easily found by users.

Collaborate With Influencers And Other Businesses

Pinterest for businesses gives you the opportunity to grow your business by collaborating with great influencers or businesses, which can provide you with a large audience and customers. Also, collaborating on shared boards, group boards, and presenting other’s content on your board can make your business or brand more specific.

Use Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads could be the best way to drive more traffic for a business, but currently, they are not available in India. But if you want to run Pinterest ads, you can do so by using a strong VPN and changing your location. It will help to reach targeted audiences and develop online visibility.

Create Rich Pins

Rich pins are a kind of additional information about your business, such as your product bio, its pricing, and where users can buy it. It can be easy for users to buy your products and services. 

Use Pinterest Analytics 

Pinterest ads can be the best way to drive more traffic for a business, but currently, Pinterest ads are available in limited countries. But if you want to run Pinterest ads, you can do so by using a strong VPN and changing your location. It will help to reach targeted audiences and develop online visibility.

Monitor Trends And Stay Up To Date

Create your pins according to the trend, as it will help you to reach more users and customers. You can use the best marketing strategy to remain up-to-date. Also, you should make changes or update your account, as it will make your business relevant and the latest.

How To Set Up A Business Profile On Pinterest?

Setting up a business profile on Pinterest to enhance your business or startup is not such a big task. You can make it easier, and here are some simple steps that will help you to create a business profile on Pinterest.

  • First, visit the official website of Pinterest.
  • Log in or sign up for Pinterest and create a new account.
  • Navigate to the bottom and click on the pop-up
  • Fill in your personal details.
  • Select the field and fill out your business details.
  • Now describe your business or add a link to your website.

So after following these easy steps, you will be able to create and manage your business profile on Pinterest.

How Pinterest Helps Small Businesses?

how Pinterest helps businesses

Pinterest is a popular platform used for various reasons, and one of the main reasons why it’s used today is to help businesses grow. Someone is on Pinterest to take inspiration, while others are taking ideas to buy new products.

Goals can differ, but the main motive of using Pinterest is to get new ideas to improve the business. Let’s briefly understand how Pinterest helps small businesses & startups.

Pinterest Sends Niche-Related Traffic

Pinterest is used to drive high-quality traffic to your website, and the main thing is that you don’t have to spend a single penny for that.

Pinterest sends relevant and consistent traffic to your website compared to any other social media. If you know how to create high-quality infographics and other visual content, this platform can give your business the quality boost you are looking for.

Pinterest’s Lead Conversion Rate Is High

Pinterest has a high lead conversion rate than other social media platforms. It is a visual search engine that offers more options to its users according to their needs and interests. Users are here for ideas, inspiration, and new products and are generally in the buying mood.

That means you have to work hard on the video and image creation and always try to do some unique. It increases the possibility of a lead or sale that will definitely help small businesses & startups.

Pinterest Helps To Generate Real-Time Engagement

Pinterest is a great platform to promote small businesses and startups, as it generates real-time engagement with their targeted audience or customers. Its best visualization feature allows you to present your product or service. It will help to connect with potential customers and users.

Helps To Sort Your Products

Pinterest can help to sort your products in several ways that help to grow your business. Also, it will be easy for users to find and save their desired products. Following are some methods that Pinterest helps to sort your products: 

  • Separate board categories for different products
  • Make attractive descriptions titles and keywords for boards and pins 

How To Create Highly Shareable Pinterest Images For Small Businesses? 

It is an effective way to promote your small business by Creating highly shareable Pinterest images. Here we share some easy ways that will help to create highly shareable Pinterest images for small businesses and startups.

Optimize Your Pin Properly

For growing your small businesses & startups on Pinterest optimize your pin properly. Make interesting images and write an attractive title for them, and add alt text and a destination link that will help users to find your product or services. So you have to create easily shareable Pinterest images for small businesses.

Pinterest has become very trustworthy and it has a great user base. Before sharing your images and videos make sure their quality cause it plays an important role to attract users. It will inspire them to buy your service and products and definitely help to promote your businesses or startups.

Use High-Quality Images And Videos

It is necessary to create high-quality images that look more eye-catching and grab the user’s attention. As we know, Pinterest is a visual search engine in which the first impression can be the last impression, so always make images and videos of high quality. Also, make sure they are attractive or interesting also.

Add Text Overlay

You can make your pin specific or unique by just adding text to your image and video. It will specify your pin from others. Also, write short and relevant texts that look genuine and informative. Make use of easy-to-read and clear fonts that are easily understandable.

Use Branding

You can create brand and product awareness among users just by using your logo or brand name in the video and image. It will help to get popularity and recognition to your business.

Create Multiple Images

You should create multiple images of a single image as it provides more options to users and they will effectively associate with your pin.

What Is Pinterest Helpful For?

People use Pinterest to grow their small businesses and startups nowadays. But usually, it is used for sharing images or videos and finding ideas related to home, recipes, style inspiration, and many more.

Is Pinterest Effective For Business?

Yes, Pinterest is highly effective for businesses, as it can drive organic traffic to the website, reach a new audience, grow your brand, and effectively engage with customers.

Why Brands Should Use Pinterest?

Pinterest helps small businesses or startups and create awareness about their products or services. That’s why Pinterest should be highly used for brand awareness, as it can drive more traffic.

What Types Of Businesses Should Use Pinterest?

Any type of business can utilize Pinterest to expand or promote themselves, but food, travel, crafts, workouts, and weddings perform exceptionally well.


To sum up we would like to say that Pinterest helps small businesses & startups in many ways. As it is a powerful social media platform used by many users. It can drive organic traffic to the website, reach a new audience, grow your brand, and effectively engage with customers. Anyone can start creating shareable Pinterest images for small businesses and take it to the next level.

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