If you think Pinterest is only used for sharing images and personal life then you might misunderstand this amazing platform of visual marketing. It can be your ace of spades once you know the true power of this social networking platform. Pinterest helps small businesses (startups, small businesses and also leading one too) to grow, enhance the performance of a growing company and also helps you to make yourself a brand.

Want to know what is Pinterest? Let’s go to the basics first.

Pinterest is a social media platform that is used by 200 million active users. It’s kind of different from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Because mostly on

Facebook and Instagram you’ll find more influence marketing methods but on the other hand on Pinterest people seeks for valuable demographic.

In the early stages, Pinterest is used more by females rather than males which are 68% in the US. But time is changing and now in new users, 40% are men.

how pinterest helps businesses

What is Pin?

A pin is simply referred to any image or video which is saved on Pinterest. Whenever a user clicks on an image or video it will redirect to the original source that’s why one of the best referral marketing strategies and use by small businesses like an entrepreneur and other large businesses too.

What is a Board on Pinterest?

The collection of the same category pins are known as boards and pinners (Pinterest users) create a board to manage their collection and the different board can contain different collections of pins.

How Pinterest helps Small Businesses?

Pinterest is used for different purposes by different people. Where someone is looking for inspiration on Pinterest, the other one is looking for an idea to buy new products. Goals can differ but the main motive of using is getting new ideas to improve the business.

Pinterest Sends niche related traffic

Pinterest is used to drive high-quality traffic to your website and the main thing is that you don’t have to spend a single penny for that.

Compared to any other social media Pinterest sends relevant and consistent traffic to your website. If you know how to create high-quality infographics and other visual content than this platform can give a high-quality boost to your business which you are looking for.

Lead conversion is high on Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform where people look for ideas, inspiration and new products. Visual demographic makes easy to take the decision and remove the hesitation of customers.

Unlike other sales method Pinterest lowering the number of conversion steps and increase the possibility of lead or sale. It’s more act as a visual search engine.

Pinterest helps to generate real-time engagement

It’s human psychology that people do recommend something to their known ones which they like. They share the good stuff with their audience that need their recommendation.

Create things that people are looking to increases the pin visibility high and also there is a chance of your products gets viral.

Helps to sort your products

Using Pinterest for business gives you some important data that can you used to create your a marketing strategy which is

  1. You get to know what is trending in the market.
  2. Audience behavior easily tells you which products of your getting likes and dislikes.
  3. Customization of products becomes easy with the user behavior data, etc

This data helps to know you more about the market and you can create a demand for your product like never before.

How Pinterest helps startups

Where other Social Media fails Pinterest works

Where other social media fails, Pinterest really works and that’s true. Using Pinterest for business gives you more connected with your customers. It takes less effort to do more business and that’s how Pinterest works.

Promoting, Sharing and Selling are the key elements of online marketing strategy and on Pinterest, you can do all this together.

Among all social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc Pinterest is the most underrated platform. Less amount of people globally know the power of the visual marketing platform. Taking use of this platform could bring unexpectedly direct traffic which is related to your niche. Using Pinterest to increase your sales, generate more revenue and take your startup to the next level.

Including Pinterest into your marketing strategy gives you a special stand from your competitors and saves you marketing costs too. And That’s how Pinterest helps small startups and businesses. If you haven’t started using this social networking site yet give it a try once. 

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