5 Common SEO Mistake To Avoid

5 Common SEO Mistake To Avoid

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Google has more conscious to provide the relevant result to the user so that Google regularly changing own algorithm. If you did not walk with the Google algorithm then it might be a possibility your website goes down. And your competitor can jump ahead because you did not optimize your website. So be aware from the Most Common SEO Mistakes.

Here is the list of top 5 SEO mistakes which you should avoid

By implementing on your website you can enhance your website traffic, sale, lead.

#1 Not Implementing an SEO Audit:

Let consider if you are ill then how will you capable to go to office work. Just like that if you did not SEO audit for your website. Then how will you identify what major mistake is in your website which creating obstacles to ranking on SERP?. You can use Screamingfrog and Ubersuggest tools which will help to identify your website mistakes. An audit looks at search engine optimization, page loading speed, the checkout process, content quality and much more.

#2 Neglecting Your Website Speed:

Your page speed is one the great factor to reach on a higher rank on search engine results. We are not telling only optimizes your website for desktop even you have to optimize your page speed in case of mobile. Because as we know that billions of people are using a mobile phone so we have to optimize our site. Here is some website where you can check your website speed. First is PageSpeed Insights ( A google free tool to check your website speed ) and second gtmetrix. Reducing your website images size you can maximize your site speed. But remember images should be in high quality.

page speed test


#3 Not Providing Quality Content:

You have heard a word  “Content is king” this is absolutely right If your content is fresh and unique and giving the solution to the user. Then the chance is increased to come on a higher rank. Take an example if you are guiding what you should do before mountain climbing then you have to give proper information about mountain climbing. First, you have to collect the right information from the right source means who have been done this. Those days have gone when you use to write anything in your content with keyword stuffing and rank on SERP Easily, Google algorithm has changed, it works only user engagement. If your content is engaging and visitor relates with it then Google AI easily recognizes that content is important to the visitor.

Always away from the duplicate content You can add something or change it but it is not necessary to completely plagiarism it. Content can be informative, video, Tex, But should be different from the other. This is also the best way to surpass your competitors.

#4 Targeting the Irrelevant Keywords:

Targeting the right keyword in your content is a must. Sometimes newbie selects those keywords which are in high competition, because of lack of knowledge of how to choose a better keyword for own website. So Before implementing the right keyword in your content select low competition, Check the Search Volume, Clicks & Traffic Potential, See which most Common Keywords which is ranking on top 3 on the SERP. You can use the best free keyword research tool Google Keyword Planner(A free offered by Google ),  Soovle, WordStream’s Keyword Tool and last but not least Ubersuggest. Which we use most. So here are some free tool which helps to research right and relevant keyword. You can use it while researching a relevant keyword on your website.

#5 Concentrating Only On-Page SEO:

As we mentioned above if you an audit of your site then you will find many errors in your website. The error can be broken links, short title tags, and meta description, Mission internal and External links from your web pages, Missing H1 Heading. This is ok you have been optimized your website. Now the time has come to get popularity, increase the authority and traffic. So if you focus only on On-Page SEO then you would not capable of the desired result on SERP. You have to do SMO(Social Media Optimization), OFF-Page SEO which would help to derive more traffic and popularity for your website.

Conclusion: We have been discussed, why are the most common SEO mistakes should be avoided. Recap these points, Not Executing an SEO Audit, Neglecting Your Website Speed, Not Providing Quality Content, Targeting the Irrelevant Keywords. So be conscious before entering in 2023. Keep in Mind.

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