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How To Rank An Article On Google?

Getting ranked on Google is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of time, effort, and hard work.

Your article needs to be on the first page of the SERP if you want to expand your business and attract visitors to your website.

Suppose you have an article that you have written. You want to make sure that it gets ranked on Google. You want to rank an article on Google. In that case, you need to follow some steps.

Niche Topics That Are Relevant To Your Business

It is important to select topics that are relevant to your business. Suppose you are a digital marketing company and you are writing an article about a topic unrelated to your business, like “how to play the piano” or ‘how to make a chocolate cake.” You won’t get Google’s trust or a higher rank in search results.

Factors To Consider While Doing Topic Research

  • Keyword Difficulty: It should be easier to rank on the query.
  • Volume of Searches: Select the one with the highest search volume per month.
  • Your Website Metrics: Do not forget to check your website metrics like DR or DA they make your article rank on Google quickly.
  • Relevance: There is no purpose in ranking for a keyword that will not provide quality traffic to your website.

Put Keywords in Article Effective Ways

Put Keywords in Article Effective Ways

Utilizing keywords in your article is a great way to help search engines find your content’s intent.

Use Long tail keywords because they are easy to rank.

Place your keywords in the article’s title and the headings.

Also, insert your keywords body of the article in a natural way and at intervals with gaps.

Optimize your Content

Even if you rank an article on Google, your article won’t stay at the top of the SERP permanently. Google updates its algorithm frequently, so you need to update your article regularly and optimize your content as per Google guidelines.

In the world of SEO, where things keep changing all the time, there is one thing that remains the same and it is Google values high-quality content. There are other factors that can also impact rankings.

Content writing is the most effective SEO tactics to rank an article on Google. There are the following ways to create deep information with good quality content.

  • Length of the article should be determined by the depth and complexity of the topic
  • Be sure to claim your information clearly and effectively in your article.
  • Use the Hemingway tool to make your article easy to read.

Optimize Your Images

Most of the time, people overlook optimizing their article images, which can boost your article rank on Google and create a better user experience.

Insert informative images about your content description and your article’s featured image.

The text should be descriptive of the image, not just the article topic, and add an alt text for crawlers to read your image content.

After doing these two simple optimizations in your article, you will have a better rank than your competitor on Google.

Make Buyer Persona

It is also good to know the target audience of your article. To do that, you should create a buyer persona that will let you know your target user’s needs and requirements, and then you can write your content accordingly.

You will see a huge difference in your article’s ranking and shareability.

To create a buyer persona, you need to gather information about your target audience, such as:

Demographics: age, gender, income, education, occupation, location, etc.

Psychographics: values, interests, beliefs, attitudes, motivations, etc.

Behavior: buying habits, shopping preferences, online/offline channels, etc.

Remember, the more accurate information you get about your target audience, the better you will write content for them.

Build Quality Backlinks For Your Article

Build Quality Backlinks For Your Article

To surpass your competition, you also need backlink support to get ranked above them. Quality content is good for ranking your articles on Google, but it is not enough.

There are many ways to earn backlinks for your article; follow them and build related and quality backlinks for your article.

Guest Blogging

Reach out to other blogs in your industry and offer to write a guest post for them. In return, include a link back to your article in your author bio or within the content itself.

Broken Link Building

Look for broken links on other websites that are related to your article, and reach out to the site owner to suggest replacing the broken link with a link to your article.

Skyscraper Technique

Find popular articles in your industry and create a better, more comprehensive version of that content. Then, reach out to the websites linking to the original article and suggest they link to your improved version instead.

Influencer Outreach

Reach out to influencers in your industry and ask if they would be willing to share your article with their followers. If they like your content, they may be happy to do so.

Social Media

Share your article on your social media channels and encourage others to share it as well. This can help increase visibility and potentially lead to more backlinks.

Internal Link

It is also important to add internal links to your article for better SEO and user experience.

This allows crawlers to easily crawl your website, index your article, and give it a rank.

Optimize Your Website’s Speed And Design

According to Google’s updates, website speed and design are important to optimize. Low page speed can lower the ranking of your article on Google, and if your website is not designed for desktop or mobile, you will lose the potential traffic from mobile devices.

Check your website speed on Google PageSpeed Insights and optimize the performance of your website for mobile devices. Fixing page load time makes it faster, and your article gets a better rank on Google.

Final Words

Although ranking your article on Google is difficult, make sure to follow the steps described above.

You can try applying the best SEO tools to resolve the above concerns and achieve a higher ranking on Google without any problems. Furthermore, to stay at the top of Google, always update your content with high-quality, informative content.

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