Peoples are searching regularly on how to improve rank an article on Google. If you want to rank an article at a Google search engine you need to know about SEO ranking factors. It is the most important part of this article we learn the way how to rank an article on Google and get more traffic.

What are the ranking factors in SEO?

SEO ranking factor is most important to rank an article on Google. We are already known that there are all over 200 ranking factors in the Google algorithm. Here some are given below:

What are the ranking factors in SEO?

1) On-page optimization

On-page optimization is known as onsite optimization. You can improve your website SEO run with the help of on-page SEO. Whatever you work online is called on-page SEO. On-page is the process which helps to build WebPages and its help your website rank in search engine result pages (SERP)

Here is an introduction of all the techniques:

  1. Content quality
  2. The page title and meta descriptions
  3. H1 H2 headings
  4. Images and multimedia
  5. URLs
  6. Internal external links
  7. Page load speed
  8. Mobile friendly

We all know the content is king. You can write original content with useful information which can the user easily understand and came again to get more information. Write an article on that topic which is user searched mostly. Unique title with keyword is an important part to rank an article. You can use internal-external links to increase traffic and make sure your page loads quickly. On-page, the factor is the main part to rank article in search engine.

2) Link building

Google considers the backlinks as a reference and if the links are on high authority sites Google increases ranking in SERP. You can exchange links with high authority sites to increase your own site’s quality backlinks and improve your website ranking. Create backlinks in other sites is the best way to increase traffic to our website. Link building is a difficult part of off-page SEO. SEO companies find relevant and high authority sites to submit the natural link of our website. You can use backlinking tools like backlinks, SEO profiler to find easily high authority sites to submit your website link.

3) Guest blogging


Guest blogging is also called guest posting. A Guest posting is a best and powerful factor to rank an article in search engines. This is the process of contributing a post to another blog or webpage to build authority, exposure, relationships, and links. People can write a unique article for another relevant site according to the website owner. Links are a primary ranking factor in goggle. SEO guest blogging gives you the opportunity to build your website genuine backlink from another website so, if you start right an article follows the terms of Google which can help your Webpages to rank in search engine.

4) Social media optimization

Social media is the best platform to increase traffic to our website. You can easily promote your product and services through social media. Social media helps to increase reach or their audiences worldwide and increase your linkability. There are some features are given below:

Encourage the mashup

Help your content travel

Reward inbound links

Make tagging and bookmarking easy

Increase your linkability

Social media optimization is all depending on your creative idea. You can viral images, videos, article, pdf, etc. most of the audience are using social media so its increase your brand awareness also. Social media is the biggest factor to increase ranking.

5) E-mail marketing

Email marketing is a kind of internet marketing which can send promotional messages or material to peoples by email.  Email marketing is all about containing advertisements, sale solicitation, commercial message or donations. They build good relations with the genuine audience. They develop trust, loyalty or give them brand awareness. You can create campaigns by using different types of email to start paid ads. Here some of the different types of email we can send relevant audiences.

Transactional email

Direct email

Welcome emails

Newsletter emails

Business use of email marketing is an affordable and effective advertising tool.


Use these basic techniques to rank your article in search engine and increase the traffic of relevant audience to your webpage. Ranking an article is easy if you follow these methods but Ranking is all about depending on Google guidelines.

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