Content is the core of SEO and Digital Marketing, without content, there is no way to survive in this ever-evolving highly competitive industry. Digital Hikes is providing you with an opportunity to overcome all your vulnerabilities and become a good content writer by joining one of the best content writing internship programs in Delhi. However, this opportunity is valid only for a limited time. So, contact us at the earliest if you want to enrol yourself in this one of a kind content writing internship.

” Interested Candidates can Mail Us at along with their resume. In Mail Subject Please Write – CWIO – Your Name. Candidate planning to join should have a good command over English”

Why choose Digital Hikes Content Writing Internship?


If you are looking forward to making a career in Digital Marketing/SEO then you need to be good at writing content.

Digital Hikes is a very popular brand and is specialized in SEO and Digital Marketing. It has years of experience in this field and has trained hundreds of individuals to face increasing market challenges.

By joining its best content writing internship you will not only know about how to structure content but will also get to know about the key aspects that make differences in content writing.

The key benefits of choosing the best content writing internship at Digital Hikes:

  1. Proper mentorship: We have trained and specialized mentors who will train each and every intern at an individual level. This will help in identifying and tackling the problems that an intern is facing at an individual level.
  2. Live projects-based work: Once the basic training is complete, we will provide an opportunity for interns to work on live projects. This will help them in experiencing the difficulties of the industry and sharpen their skills.
  3. Career opportunity: Once the internship period is over, we will also offer an option for interns to start working as one of our employees. This can prove to be a great career option for them.

What can you expect at the end of this Content Writer Internship?

After completion, it is definite that every individual who will undergo this Internship will find himself way better than before. They will have all the knowledge related to content writing and will also be able to frame content in a proper manner. This will not only help them in achieving their professional goals but also help them in facing market challenges.

At Digital Hikes we put a lot of emphasis on how to write proper content. Interns learn the art of content writing in details such as

  1. How to structure your content
  2. How long the ideal content should be?
  3. Research that needs to be done when planning for a new content
  4. The devil lies in the details – Common mistakes to avoid while writing content.

Basic requirements that interested candidate should meet

This article writing internship opportunity is mainly open to freshers and there aren’t any specified criteria to meet. But the candidate who is willing to be a part of this internship should have a good grasp and command of the English language.

How to connect with us if you are interested in this Content Writing Internship?

If you are interested and want to be a part of this amazing Content Writing Internship campaign then you can directly contact us through the mail.

Compose a mail with “Content Writing Internship Opportunity” + “Your Name” as the subject along with an attached Resume and send it to

Once shortlisted, you will receive a confirmation message/call along with further instructions.