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How To Find The Right Keywords For SEO?

Keywords are one of the most important parts of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are what decide where you rank in search engine pages. That is why knowing how to find the right keywords is very crucial for getting better SEO results. 

But first of all, what are keywords anyway? 

We often type words in search engines for various reasons. For example, listening to songs, buying clothes, finding foods, etc. What we type in search engine bar with an intention to find relevant content are keywords. 

You may type ‘best pizza in the town’. That’s a keyword. You may search ‘ how to play the piano’. That’s an example of a keyword. 

But, how can you find the right keywords for your website? 

There many kinds of keywords like short, medium and long. There are various tools and tricks to find the best keywords for SEO

How to Find the Right Keywords for your Website? 

How to Find the Right Keywords for your Website

Know Your Niche

Before doing anything, you need to have a clear view of your niche or field. You must know all the key details about your niche. 

This helps you figure out what things are relevant and trending right now. You get to know about your competitors and the keywords they are ranking for and why. 

Knowing your niche well helps you explore various relevant keywords. This is what helps you target the right keywords. Knowing your niche shows you how to find the right keywords. 

Use Right Keywords Tools

Using the right keyword tools is also very important to find the best keywords that rank. Keyword planner and Google related results are very good tools to find the best keywords. Not using the right tools is a common on-page SEO mistake that people make. 

Moreover, there are various paid and free tools that you can use. I have discussed the best free and paid keyword tools in this article. 

Competitor Analysis

Competitor research is a must for better SEO results. You want to rank for certain keywords that your competitor is also ranking for then you need to have an in-depth analysis of their keywords and why their keywords are ranking high. 

What kind of keywords they are using. Is it medium-tail or long-tail? This is how you find the right keywords for your website. 

Track Your Progress 

Tracking your keyword is the most crucial step for better results. There are various keyword tools like the Keyword planner on which you can track your keywords. 

Tracking and analyzing your SEO performance always crucial in order to find and fix all the mistakes you are making. 

5 top free keyword tools

Short-tail Vs Medium-tail Vs Long-tail keywords

We often use search engines in our daily life for various reasons and needs. We often use certain words for searches. What kind of words we use. Short-tail, medium-tail, or long tail.

For example, if you search ‘best food’ then it is a shot-tail. If you search ‘best food in Delhi’ then it is a medium-tail. If you search ‘What is the best food in Delhi?’, then it is a long-tail keyword. 

Short-Tail Keywords

The search volume of the short-tail keywords is high and so is the competition. Short-tail keywords are very hard to rank for. You need unique and quality content. You need a good DA score to rank top for these top contents.

For example, just search for the keyword ‘on-page’. You will find sites like Moz, Backliniko, Ahrefs, etc. on the top. These sites have very good DA and quality backlinks. In addition, their content is super- valuable. 

To rank for the short-tail keywords you need unique and super-valuable content, good DA, and quality backlinks.  

Medium-Tail Keywords

‘Medium-Tail Keywords’ is also a medium-tail keyword. They are usually around 2 to 3 words. They are also called chunky keywords. 

These keywords do not have as high competition as shot-tail and not as low as long-tail keywords. Medium-tail keywords get the best of both worlds. You can rank high for these keywords. And there is enough traffic for these words.

Google has advanced itself in terms of finding how people search. Google sees the pattern and ranks the content that is more suitable for certain searches based on many Google ranking factors. 

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are usually more than 3 to 4 words. One example of Long-tail keywords is ‘How to find the right Keywords’. 

Nowadays, most people go for long-tail keywords to rank high in search engines. These keywords have a low search volume like 50 to 200. But there is low competition on these keywords. 

Moreover, the best thing is that people do search for these long-tail- keywords. For example, if you have to search for the best restaurants in town then how would you search it. You would write in search engines ‘ what are the best restaurants in town?’

get keywords from google search bar

How to Find LSI Keywords for SEO? 

LSI stands for Latent Index Semantic. These keywords are related to or synonyms of your targeted keyword. For example, if your targeted keyword is ‘best-racing cars’ then LSI words would be like wheels, speed of car, gas, fastest vehicle, etc. 

Google robots understand your content better if you use these LSI words. That is why these LSI keywords matter. Now how to find them?

find keywords from google related search

Google Related Search 

You have to write a keyword in google search engine. Then you will find related searches at the bottom of the page. These searches are a very good example of LSI keywords. Google related search gives you the answer to how to find the right keywords for SEO. 

When you type in Google search bar, just enter the space button after writing keywords. Then you will see that Google suggests some related keywords. By using Google related search, you can find the best keywords for your website. 

Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

The keyword planner tool by Google is a very good tool for finding LSI keywords. When you search for a keyword it shows a list of all the related phrases and keywords. 

The best thing about the tool is that it’s by Google and it is totally free to tool to use. 

LSI Graph 

LSI Graph is a very good tool for finding keywords and their search volumes in general and LSI keywords in particular. 

You just have to type in any keyword you want to find related keywords. This tool would give you a list of all the related LSI keywords. For example, I searched for ‘How to find the best keywords?’, and I got this list- 

find best LSI keywords

What are the best keyword tools?

Top 5 Free Keyword Tools For SEO

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is the best keyword research tool out there you can get. The best thing about this tool is that it is free. And also it gives you better results than any keyword tool paid or free. 

You can get all the relevant data regarding the keyword you are searching for. For example, you get search volumes, competition, cost per click, etc. 

Moreover, it shows you the list of all the related keywords that you can also use. This tool by Google is the best keyword tool. This tool gives you the answer to how to find the best keywords. 

best keywords from seo from keyword planner


Ubersuggest is also a very good free keyword tool. It shows you search volume, competition, cost per click, etc. It also shows DA score and number of backlinks that a certain keyword rank for. This tool guides you with how to find the best keywords for SEO. 

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer tool by Moz is also a very good unpaid tool. This shows keyword results country wise. It shows you monthly search volumes, difficulty, organic CTR and priority. 

Moreover, it also shows the SERP analysis. 

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an extension that you can download to your chrome. After downloading this extension whenever you visit a certain page or search for certain thing this extension shows all the related keywords. 

Word tracker Scout 

Word tracker scout is also an extension that you can download. After downloading this extension, whenever you visit a page just enter the button ‘W’ and you will see an image like this-

best way to find keywords

Top 5 Paid Keyword Tools

SEMrush’s Keyword Tool

SEMrush is a very effective and useful tool for SEO works. Its keyword tool is also very good for finding all the key details about a certain keyword, be it your or competitors. 

This tool can help you find the best keywords for your website. You can track and analyze the keywords of your competitors also. 

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool 

This is one of the best keyword tools for finding the best keywords for your website. This tool shows keywords suggestions, accurate search volumes, keyword difficulty scores, clicks metrics, etc. 

This is one of the best-paid tools out there for getting better results for SEO. 

Keyword Tool

This also a very good keyword tool for finding all the relevant details about any keyword. It is a paid tool. You have to buy the pro version of this tool to get full details about keywords. 

The best thing about this tool is that it provides keywords for various search engines. For example, Google,  Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, etc.


It is a paid tool for keyword research. This is a very good keyword research tool. You will get all the relevant data of a particular keyword you type in. It also gives you 10 days trial to check it out. 

5 best paid tools for keyword


SpyFu is a very good tool for keyword research and competitor’s keywords analysis. This tool helps you find out what keywords you and your competitors are competing for. You find all the key details about your paid and organic keywords.  SpyFu shows how to find the best keywords for your website. 

It gives you a complete analysis of your domain. You can also check the ranking history of keywords. Overall it is also one of the top keyword tools out there with some unique features.  


Doing the right keyword research is very important for ranking high in top search engine result pages. Today, competition is getting stiffer in SEO. On top of that Google’s various updates take many factors in the count when it comes to ranking. 

Choosing the right keyword is one part of better SEO results. Besides it, you have to earn quality backlinks, super-valuable content, good DA score, etc. 

This article shows you how to find the right keywords for better SEO results. We discussed all types of keywords. LSI keywords and how to find them. 

And finally, some of the best free and paid keyword tools that come in handy for better keyword research. 

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