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Common On-Page SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2024

On-Page SEO has become a standard technique webmasters use to rank their websites high on Search Engines. However, there are some common On-Page SEO mistakes that can play reduce the visibility and ranking of your website on Search Engine Result Pages. 

That is why here we will discuss some common mistakes of On-Page SEO in detail. We will also let you about some tips that you can follow to avoid these mistakes to rank high on Search Engine.

Top 10 Common On-Page SEO Mistakes In 2024

Top 10 Common On-Page SEO Mistakes You Should avoid

There are many On-Page SEO errors that can harm your website. Some common SEO On-Page mistakes are mentioned below that you must avoid to rank high in Google search engine.

  1. Poor Quality And Duplicate Content
  2. Not Optimizing Title And Meta Description
  3. Keyword Stuffing
  4. Not Using Header Tags Correctly
  5. Slow Page Speed
  6. Wrong Internal And External Linking
  7. Poorly Optimized Image And Alt Text
  8. Wrong Anchor Text
  9. Non-Mobile Friendly Pages
  10. Unavailability Of Schema

Below we have discussed the above-mentioned common On-Page SEO mistakes in detail.

Poor Quality And Duplicate Content

Poor quality and duplicate content come in the list of major mistakes of On-Page SEO. It can lead to a high bounce rate and less visibility of your website on Search Engines. 

As we know content is king, so you should avoid copying and write the best type of content to help your site SEO. Always provide straightforward answers keeping in mind your targeted audience if you want to rank on top in Search Engines.

Not Optimizing Title And Meta Description

Meta titles and descriptions are one of the most important aspects to improve your website CTR (Click Through Ratio). It is considered as one of the most common On-Page SEO mistakes to ignore and not optimize the title and description of your website.

Remember, a more attractive title will attract more amount of users. So, try to optimize your title and description according to the search engines.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means the practice of oversing a keyword throughout the content. It is included in the black hat SEO and against the guidelines of the search engines. Practicing keyword stuffing can result in penalizing your website.

In order to avoid these common mistakes of On-Page SEO, you should use keywords naturally in your content. An over-optimized content never ranks higher on search engines. 

Not Using Header Tags Correctly

Using header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) help is the way to organize your content that helps search engines and audiences understand better about your page. It is a very common On-Page SEO mistakes to not use header tags properly.

To avoid these common On-Page SEO problems, you should use H1 for the title, H2 for subheadings, and H3 for other headings of content. Also, many SEO experts suggest not using H3 just after H1.

Poorly Optimized Image And Alt Text

Usage of images and infographic enhance the user experience which helps in reducing the bounce rate. Images are not only good as a user’s prospectus but also play a major role in overall website performance.

So, it becomes very important to optimize images with proper alt text. For this, you should use the compressor to reduce image size. Also, use rich keywords in the image and its alt text.

Wrong Internal And External Linking

A wrong internal and external link is also a major On-Page SEO mistakes. With the help of Internal links, you can pass link juice from one webpage to another and helps search engine crawlers to find and crawl relevant topics on your websites. It also creates a possibility for your readers to discover similar topics on your websites.

Try to use relevant and high-quality links to your website to avoid this On-Page SEO problem.

Slow Page Speed

The next major On-Page SEO mistakes is slow page speed. Users will become frustrated and leave your website if it takes a long time to load. That will indirectly increase the bounce rate of your website.

That is why you should compress image size, Minify Your Website’s CSS, HTML & Javascript, choose reliable hosting and use a light theme to increase your website speed.

Wrong Anchor Text

If you are doing Search Engine Optimization you must be introduced to Anchor Text and not implementing it can be a common On-Page SEO mistakes. It can help your linked page to rank up on the SERP on the keyword that you use as Anchor Text.

It is also not recommended by SEO experts to use exact match keywords repeatedly as it looks very unnatural and spammy.

Non-Mobile Friendly Website

Currently, Most users explore the internet on their mobile phones. That is why it becomes very important to optimize your website according to the mobile interface. There are many users that do not focus on optimizing their websites according to the mobile interface which is the biggest On-Page SEO mistakes.
To make your website mobile friendly, choose a responsive web design, optimize your media and files, and use fonts that are easy to read on smaller mobile screens.

Unavailability Of Schema 

Not using the Schema markup can also be considered one of the major On-Page SEO mistakes. It is the kind of data that helps search engines to better understand about your content. Search Engines also display extra information on the SERPs if you use this Schema markup tag.

So, it is better to put a Schema Markup tag in your content to avoid these mistakes of On-Page SEO  if you want to rank high on the SERPs. You can use different plugins like Rank Math and Yoast SEO to insert this tag.

Why Is On-Page SEO Important For My Website’s Ranking?

Importance Of on-page SEO for my website's ranking

On-Page is the process of optimizing your content and web page to achieve a higher position on the Search Engine Result Pages. Below mentioned points make On-Page SEO most important for your website ranking:

  • Helps search engines in understanding your content
  • Improves Organic Traffic 
  • Improves User Experience
  • Increases Click Through Ratio (CTR)
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Increase Dwell Time

So, these are some of the major advantages of On-Page SEO that will definitely improve your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages.

How Can I Optimize My Website For On-Page SEO?

There are many steps that you can follow if you want to optimize your website for On-Page SEO. We have also mentioned some major points that you can follow to optimize your website for On-Page SEO.

  • Proper Keyword Research
  • Optimize H1, Meta Title, And Description.
  • Use Internal Links
  • Ensure Fast Website Loading Time.
  • Optimize Image And Alt Text
  • Use of Schema Markup

So, these are some major tips that you can implement to avoid common On-Page SEO errors and optimize your website according to the search engines.

What Are The Most Common On-Page SEO Problems To Avoid In 2024?

Duplicate and thin content is the most common On-Page SEO errors that you should avoid in 2024. It can harm your Search Engine ranking and can also result in penalties to your website.

Does On-Page SEO Mistakes Affect Ranking?

Yes, On-Page SEO problems do affect your webpage ranking as it is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization. That is why we would like to recommend you avoid above mentioned mistakes of On-Page SEO to rank high in Search Engines.

Conclusion – On-Page SEO Mistakes

These are some of the most common mistakes of On-Page SEO and avoiding these mistakes will help you achieve better Search Engine ranking. You can attract a large audience and gain huge traffic to your website by focusing on quality content, headings, meta tags, images, and internal linking structure. Try to write quality content by keeping in mind your target audience.

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