When we talk about SMO first question pop up which is What is SMO in Digital Marketing and Types of SMO. Simply In SMO Course (Social Media Optimization) we basically use social media networks to increase the awareness of an organization, Brand or Product. Social Media Optimization contains using RSS feeds, Social News, Bookmarking Sites, and Social Media, Video & Blogging Sites as well. Digital Hikes, there are special experts for SMO Course in Delhi.  here we teach you from the basics to expert level of SMO Tutorials until you master it.

In this journey, we teach you all the things like SMO Basics, SMO Analysis, SMO Techniques and many other things which you can only learn only from Digital Hikes.

In an earlier article, we get to know that why Digital Hikes is one of the best  SEO Training Institute in Delhi and the same goes for SMO too because we focus on the little mistakes too which is very important.

Difference between SEO and SMO

Search engine optimization also similar to SMO that focus on bringing unique visitors to the website. But SEO works on gaining visitors via Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. While SMO works on bringing visitors to their sites via Social media.

Just like SEO, SMO also can be classified into two main parts:

1. On-Site SMO

Social Media features can be added to the website itself, just like these features:

  • Share & Like Button
  • Users Review
  • Opinion Poll
  • Employee Engagement initiatives

2. Off-Site SMO

          There are some Social Media features who work outside the purview of the website:

  • Blogs
  • Discussions
  • Social Network
  • Viral advertising
  • Press Release

Career opportunities after Social media optimization Course

Earlier we discussed that what is SMO?, Types of SMO, Now we are going to talk about career opportunities in SMO. We made a shocking list of some valuable research that you must know that how much important is SMO.

  1. 85% of the Working Indian population uses social media sites to find a better job which includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others.
  2. Just like previous lines they also research for an organization on social media which is also a benefit.
  3. 88% population track negative ratings of any brand or organization before they made any kind of deal with them.
  4. 95% of companies allow access to social networks through the office.

Now you know how important is SMO in Digital Marketing and you know that “What seen is sold” so choosing a field like this will give you more career opportunities than others.

Not settled down yet? So here’s some benefit of SMO which can boost benefits of any business:

  1. Influencing a person and their decision becomes more easy by Social Networks.
  2. You can spread your brand or product awareness in any place by this.
  3. You can get high-value traffic to your website and convert into customers.
  4. Customer engagement becomes more convenient by Social Networks.

Now you know that SMO courses in Delhi have their own advantages and benefits and by mastering it you can make a better career. Digital Hikes convert your hard work into a reward.

Benefits of choosing Digital Hikes For SMO Course in Delhi

  1. We give time to students more than any Institute.
  2. We provide scholarships to those students who can’t afford to pay a fee.
  3. We focus more on practical studies rather than theory.
  4. You will work on live projects, unlike other institutes.
  5. 100% job guarantee for their students.

So don’t waste your precious time to think and visit Digital Hikes. We build the career of our students by their hard work and it will give you many benefits which you shouldn’t get from other institutes.

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