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Affiliate Marketing Program- A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

From ancient times to today, marketing still exists and is as powerful as was before. Now people have some more ways to do marketing and Affiliate Marketing Program is one of them.

Before the birth of Affiliate Marketing, marketing is only limited to the owner and customers only. Owners sell their products and services to customers and make money. But the birth of Affiliate marketing has changed the marketing concept completely.

Now, anyone can earn money without investing a single penny with the help of Affiliate Marketing. That’s the reason why Affiliate Marketing is being chased by most beginners who wanna earn easy money.

But is affiliate marketing as easies as most people say nowadays? Let’s explore this more by starting with the affiliate marketing definition first.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing, in which a person or organization promotes a company’s products/services to the customers using different methods and receives a fixed amount as commission. Affiliate Marketing Commission rates and types can be various and totally depends on the company’s policy. 

3 Major Steps To Become A Affiliate Marketer

You can say that starting an affiliate marketing is like starting your own business but without a large investment. You have to give the same time and effort of yours into affiliate marketing to become successful. Affiliate Marketing can be very profitable if you have the right mindset and approach. Here are five tips that will help you to become a successful affiliate marketer:

Finding Niche

“Niche refers to a specific topic or industry that you choose to promote products or services related to it”.

The very first step you have to take for starting an affiliate marketing is finding the right Niche. It helps you to create a solid base of affiliate marketing by targeting a particular audience as per your niche.

You should always target a niche that you’re interested in, has a demand, low competition, good profitability, and potential for growth.

Best Tips To Remember While Choosing a Niche For Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Tips To Remember While Choosing a Niche For Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Identify your interest and passion: Always choose a niche that aligns with your interests and passion because this will keep you motivated and engaged for the long term.

Market demand: Always research the market first whether there is a demand for your chosen niche or not. Look for that products or services that are popular and will have a high demand for a long period.

Profitability: Look at the profitability of your selected Niche. Like commission rates offered by affiliate marketing programs, you’ll be choosing.

Analyze competitors: Never forget to do a competitor analysis of your chosen niche. Analyze all over, what they are offering and how you can differentiate yourself from them. 

Single Niche: As a beginner, you should target a single niche at a time and avoid targeting multiple niches.

Why Target A Single Niche?

Targeting a single niche helps you to understand more about a product or service. when you’ll have a complete idea about chosen product or service then you’ll be able to explain far better to your audience for more conversion rate. After that, you can choose another niche.

Why Avoid Targeting Multiple Niches At The Beginning?

Understanding multiple products/services functionalities took a lot of time and also it divides your efforts from a single product. For a beginner, becoming greedy to work on numerous niche ain’t helpful at all. 


After finding a suitable niche for an affiliate marketing program the next thing you should focus on is the analysis of the product and competitors. You may already have a clue about the product but now it’s time to dig deeper into this matter.

It will take some time to analyze, which is obviously a good thing and definitely give you a profit later for sure. Also, keep these things in mind while doing analysis:

  1. Products and Services that your competitors are already selling.
  2. Target those products too that your competitors ain’t aware of yet.
  3. Track those affiliates’ products that are more profitable than your competitors.

Make a handful of notes of the product or service you are going to promote using your affiliate marketing blog. If you know all the pros and cons of the product then you can sell it better to the customers.

Always keep these in mind things because these strategies could make or break your career as an Affiliate marketer. 

Platform Creation

After deciding about niche and strategies for your affiliate marketing blog the next step is choosing a platform. A platform, where you are going to promote your affiliate links. We are referring to websites as a platform here.

Paid ads are also one of the good platforms to distribute affiliate links but we are aiming to earn money not to spend it. That’s why making a website or blog of affiliate marketing for earning is the best and most economical idea.

Personally, I recommend WordPress to make an affiliate marketing website for beginners. Because in WordPress you don’t need to have knowledge of coding, you can do all things by using a simple user interface.

Apart from WordPress, either you can hire a developer and build a website using programming platforms like Php or ASP.Net. It totally depends on your budget and effort.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Affiliate marketing is easy as well as challenging, all depends on your efforts, approach, and experience. 

On one hand, affiliate marketing can be simple to do and a low-cost way to earn income by promoting products or services to a niche. You don’t need to make your own products or handle customer issues as these are the merchant’s responsibilities. As an affiliate, you only need to promote the product or service using your unique referral link and earn a commission on each sale made through that link.

And on the other hand, affiliate marketing requires effort, dedication, and knowledge of effective marketing strategies. You need to choose the right niche, high-converting products, build a strong online presence, and promote products effectively to attract interested customers and convince them to purchase that product. Another thing that makes affiliate marketing challenging is competition in niches, you have to beat your competitors to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

So, affiliate marketing can be easy or challenging depending on your approach, effort, and strategies with these things you can earn passive income and become a successful online business.                                         

How Much Does It Cost To Start Affiliate Marketing?

Some people are misleading the audience that to start an affiliate marketing program you need a high amount. This is absolutely wrong statement and there’s no compulsory rule for something like this.

Free Method (Social Media or Streaming Site)

A person can start an affiliate marketing program without even spending a single penny. For example, YouTube is one of the best platforms to start affiliate marketing at no cost, and earning opportunities are endless there.

You just have to make a video on products and discuss the features of the product and why people should purchase it. While creating the video always remember that your video must be attractive and engaging.

If people do not find your video informational or entertaining then they will surely leave your video. So, always try to tell important things in starting and try to avoid boring stuff & wrong information that may cut your audience.

Paid Method(Personal Blog or Website)

If you are too shy to make a video or do not sound too frank in a video then don’t worry there’s also another substitute for it. Personal Blogs or Websites are one of the best ways to sell Affiliate products online and earn passive income.

Unlike YouTube, In the blog, you have to spend money on some most important things which are Hosting and Domains. From that, you’ll be able to start your blogs on affiliate products.

How Do I Get Paid From Affiliate Links?

Usually, beginners don’t have a complete idea about how they get paid from affiliate links. Most beginners just spam the affiliate links and dream of making $1000 per month which is absolutely wrong.

Affiliate Providers have clearly mentioned that they will give you the commission on each sale from your referral links not on distributing links. For that, you must have to follow all the tips that I discussed earlier.

Some companies also offer money for signups too but they must have to be genuine. But if they find you are committing fraud with them they will surely ban you for a lifetime.

Companies that provide affiliate links to marketers, clearly mention their terms & conditions of payment. Most companies have some common rules for affiliation links and here are some of them.

  1. A fixed commission rate for each product.
  2. You can’t use the brand name as your blog or website name.
  3. Spamming or spreading links on a bad website will completely ban you.
  4. The company will pay you the money after a fixed time period like once a week or month.
  5. Also, some companies have fixed the amount of withdrawal. Like you can’t withdraw money before reaching $100 or something.

Some Most Popular Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks play a major role in affiliate marketers’ earnings because of their product’s commission rates and competition. Every affiliate networks offer different commissions to marketers. Also, the competition is varied according to affiliate networks.

Some Most Popular Affiliate Networks

Some most popular affiliate networks that are in higher demand by Affiliates are: 

  • Amazon
  • CJ Affiliation
  • Click Bank
  • ShareASale 

Amazon and CJ Affiliation are two famous affiliate networks where you’ll get a chance to affiliate on almost every product.

Among all of the affiliate marketing programs,  Amazon is the first and must-use platform. The main reason is you can find almost everything here which you can affiliate.

Cj Affiliate is the platform where you can get affiliation links of different software, hosting, domains, and online services to the affiliate. It is a one-stop online services affiliation destination.

How Much Do Amazon Affiliate Links Pay?

Amazon affiliate links pay different commissions on different category products to the affiliate marketer who promotes & sells Amazon products through their unique affiliate link. The commission rate varies based on the category of the product and the affiliate program which you are promoting. 

Amazon’s commission rates range is from 1% to 10% depending on the products. For example, where luxury beauty and Amazon coins have 10% commissions there on physical video games and video game consoles have 1% commissions. 

In simple terms, the amount of money you can earn as an affiliate marketer depends on the product’s sale price and the commission rate of the affiliate marketing program.

Tips To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing for bloggers may be easy because they already know how to attract users with writing skills. But when it comes to affiliate marketing for students or beginners, things start to change. They are totally unaware of all the things and don’t know the strategies that could help.

Every expert affiliate marketer has a secret strategy that he/she uses to earn more money from the affiliate marketing program. But you have to start with the basics and here are some of them.

1. Pick Less Competition Product First

If you want to be successful in Affiliate marketing then you must start with less competitive products first. Because starting with less competition increases the sales possibilities.

Also, when you start earning money with low competitive products, it will increase your confidence too. So after time by time, you can challenge the higher competition products.

2. Take Time and Write Engage Articles

Many beginner affiliate marketers who owned a website, just insert the link into the page without mentioning any details. And hope for people to purchase with their links.

If you doing the same thing then it won’t work. Users only purchase a product that they find useful or worth money.

For example, you want the best antivirus for your PC and you are searching for it. One website only shows a link to the product where you can buy the product. but another website describes all the benefits of using that software and a complete tutorial. There’s no further discussion need which one you will choose.

So, your article should be informational or entertaining that will engage the user and convenience them to purchase the product.

3. Choose Only High Commission Rate Products

While picking up some best affiliate products only choose those products that give you high commission rates. Sometimes new companies offer very low affiliate marketing payments which are not beneficial at all. 

If you put the same effort into another company that pays you high commissions then you can make some profit.

4. Work with Only Trusted Companies

While doing Affiliate Marketing, you should have first checked the company’s background. Only affiliate with those companies’ products that are popular or trusted. Because if you’re promoting a company product that is recently launched, there is a chance that they will not fulfill their promises. 

Choosing trusted companies for affiliate marketing programs gives a guarantee that your payment is secured. Also, you get special bounty offers that you don’t get in new companies.

5. Promote Your Website

If you are doing affiliate marketing with your blog or website then do not forget your website using different methods. A higher authority website can rank higher with good content and promoting your website on different platforms build authority.

The best way to increase website authority is through SEO(Search Engine Optimization). SEO not only builds the authority of your website in front of the search engine but also helps to bring organic traffic. So, for promoting your website in a better way you should learn what is SEO and its strategies

Which Social Media Is Best For Affiliate Marketing Program?

If you don’t want to invest money but want to earn money by using an affiliate marketing program then social media platforms are best for you. There’s no need for hosting and domains and also you don’t have to worry about other things like site backup, etc.

While doing affiliate marketing for Amazon or any other company, first you have to choose a particular platform because there are numerous social media platforms for affiliate marketing. You can also use basic social media marketing for promoting products on social media.

Nowadays, YouTube looks like the best social media network for the affiliate marketing program because of its various features. You can upload a video of the product and discuss all the details in the video. Not only this but optimizing videos on YouTube is also easy and you can enter the affiliate link into the description.


Affiliate marketing is a great way for individuals to earn money by promoting and referring products to people. It is a business that requires low to no investment with low risk. 

By partnering with any affiliate marketing program, marketers can earn a commission on every product sale through their unique affiliate link. You can also work part-time or full-time in this field and can make a profit from it. 

With hard work dedication and effective marketing strategies, you can become a successful affiliate marketer.  

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