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Affiliate Marketing Program- A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

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From ancient times to today, marketing still exists and as powerful as was before. Now people have some more ways to do marketing and Affiliate Marketing Program is one of them. 

Before the birth of Affiliate Marketing, marketing is only limited to the owner and customers only. Owners sell their products and services to customers and make money. But the birth of Affiliate marketing has changed the marketing concept completely. 

Now anyone can earn money without investing a single penny with the help of Affiliate Marketing. That’s the reason why Affiliate Marketing is being chased by most beginners who wanna earn easy money. 

Easy Money always sounds cool! isn’t it?

To be honest, most people who make use of the internet already doing or wanna be part of this marketing.

But is affiliate marketing that easies that most people say nowadays. Let’s explore this more by starting with the affiliate marketing definition first.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing, in which a person or organization promotes a company’s products/services to the customers using different methods and receives a fixed amount as commission. Affiliate Marketing Commission rates and types can be various and totally depends on the companies policy. 

5 Tips to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

You can relate to starting affiliate marketing is like starting a business. The only difference between both of them is there is no compulsory rule of investing capital into it. But you have to give the same time and effort of yours into affiliate marketing to become successful.

Affiliate Marketing companies

Things owned by other people look good and that’s why you have to must understand the complete scenario before starting. Completing the homework helps you better control the situation what lies ahead.


Finding a niche in which you are going to start an affiliate marketing program is the first step you have to decide. It helps you to target a particular audience as per your niche and create a solid base.

You should always target a niche as per your interest and comfort so it becomes easier to sell that product or service. Choosing the wrong niche in which you have less or null knowledge could be a disaster. Also, you should target a single niche at a time and avoid targeting multiple niches.

Why targeting a single niche?

Targeting a single niche helps you to understand more about a product or service. Once you have the complete idea about the product or service then you can explain it far way better to your audience and get more conversion. Once you master a particular niche you can choose another one and work on them.

Affiliate Marketing average income

Why avoid targeting multiple niches at the beginning?

Understanding multiple products/services functionalities took a lot of time and also divide your efforts from a single product. For a beginner, becoming greedy to working on numerous niche ain’t helpful at all. 

Best Tips To Remember Before Choosing a Niche For Your Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. Always choose a niche that you are passionate about it.
  2. Make sure that people are still interested in the products/services. Selecting a popular product for affiliate marketing gives a higher chance of more conversion.
  3. Are people still demand those products you are planning to sell?
  4. Never forget to do competitor Analysis because it is one of the major affiliate marketing requirements that makes a big impact on your payments.
  5. Find the best affiliate marketing companies that offer higher earning options.


After finding a suitable niche for affiliate marketing the next thing you should focus on the analysis of the product and competitors. You may already have a clue about the product but now it’s time to dig deeper into this matter.

Affiliate Marketing defination

It will take some time to analyze, which is obviously a good thing and definitely give you a profit later for sure. Also, keep these things in mind while doing analysis.

  1. Product and Services that your competitors are already selling.
  2. Target those products too which your competitors ain’t aware yet.
  3. Track those affiliates products which are more profitable for your competitors.

Make a handful note of the product or service you are going to promote using your affiliate marketing blog. If you know all the pros and cons of the product then you can sell it better to the customers.

Always keep in mind these things because these strategies could make or break your career as an affiliate marketer. 

Platform Creation

After deciding a handful of niche and strategies for your affiliate marketing blog the next step is choosing a platform. The platform refers to websites here, where you are going to promote your affiliate links.

Paid ads are also one of the good platforms to distribute affiliate links but we are aiming to earn money not to spend it. That’s why making a website or blog for affiliate marketing earning is the best and economical idea.

Affiliate Marketing for bloggers

Personally, I recommend WordPress to make an affiliate marketing website for beginners. Because in WordPress you don’t have to code, all things can be done using a simple user interface.

Here is a tip, If you plan to buy hosting then do check hostinger coupons to get some amazing value for money hosting deals.

Apart from WordPress, either you can hire a developer and built a website using programming platforms like Php or ASP.Net. It totally depends on your budget and effort.

Hosting And Domains

Web hosting and domains are two of the most important part to start a website. Where in simple terms, a domain is an address of your website by which people can access it.

Web Hosting is like a House of your website data. On web hosting all files related to your website like videos, images, cookies, log files, etc are stored inside it.

But what’s so special while purchasing hosting and domains? Well, different companies have different hosting plans and offer some free things with annual hosting plans.

Affiliate Marketing for students

In my opinion, if you are a beginner then first you must have to start with Shared Web hosting or WordPress hosting. The main reason behind it is the cost of hosting plans. Shared and WordPress both plans are the most affordable hosting types that are best for new websites. 

Also when you purchase the annual plans from some companies, they offer the free domain name for 1 year absolutely free. That could save at least $15 of yours for a year. Not only this, some companies even offer free SSL certificates that could save an additional $15-20. 

Make Attractive Articles

Writing articles is the final step that you have to do very carefully and patiently. Because all of your hard work depends on this final step.

To attract visitors to your website first you know how to represent the deal so they will purchase it. If you are failed to attract visitors or users then you are doing something wrong. 

You must use all of your tactics to write SEO friendly affiliate blog so they give you the full benefit. To do that use all on-page SEO techniques and after that off-page SEO techniques too. This will build the authority of your website and traffic also.

Don’t forget to use images and including users so they get attached to the article and can understand the term better.

Once you follow all these simple tips then you are ready to make money using affiliate marketing payments.

How Does Affilate Marketing Works

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

To be honest, nothing is easy if you are a lazy person who just dreams of making money and don’t work hard for it. Every work demands hard work and passion and once you have started giving it everything becomes easy.

Actually, affiliate marketing is quite simple and anyone can do it easily. Also, we have discussed some simple tips that help to start Affiliate Marketing for beginners.

To make Affiliate marketing easier, just start with less competition product affiliation. The benefit of this is, new companies usually offer a high commission rate in affiliation and many people are not aware of the product too.

Once you grab a grip on new companies and fewer competition products then you can start working in medium to the harder competition. Always remember, the higher the competition, the better rewards you get. So, do not afraid to challenge high competition products.

How much does it cost to start affiliate marketing?

Some people are misleading the audience that to start an affiliate marketing program you need a high amount. This is absolutely wrong statement and their’s no compulsory rule something like this.

Free Method (Social Media or Streaming Site)

A person can start an affiliate marketing program without even spending a single penny. For example, YouTube is one of the best platforms to start affiliate marketing at no cost and earning opportunities are endless here. 

You just have to make a video on products and discuss the features of the product and why people should purchase it. While creating the video always remember that your video must be attractive and engaging. 

If people do not find your video informational or entertainment then they will surely leave your video. So always try to tell important things in starting and try to avoid boring stuff that could bore your audience.

Paid Method(Personal Blog or Website)

If you are too shy to make a video or not sound too frank in a video then don’t worry there’s also another substitute for it. Personal Blogs or Websites are one of the best ways to sell Affiliate products online and earn passive income.

Affiliate Marketing requirements

Unlike YouTube, In the blog, you have to spend money on some most important things that are as follows.

1. Hosting

To store all website data you need hosting plans from a hosting provider company. Higher traffic websites demand higher web hosting plans and the same goes with low or null traffic websites. If you have just started a blog or website then you should start with shared or WordPress hosting starting plans that will cost you around $3 – 6 per month according to companies’ background.

2. Domains

A domain is the address of a website, and anyone can access your website by simply inserting your domain name into the search engine like google. Normally domain name cost depends on the popularity of keyword and length. The common domain name range starts from $10 per annum and increases as popularity. But you can save your $10-15 if you purchase annual web hosting plans for top hosting companies like HostGator or GoDaddy.

3. Marketing

Here, Marketing word is used for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). We all know that SEO is used to rank a website higher on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. If you don’t have a piece of knowledge about SEO then either you can learn it on some Digital Marketing Training institute near you or can hire an SEO expert for that. SEO technique highly needed when you are competing against high authority websites.

How do I get paid from affiliate links?

Genuinely, beginners don’t have a complete idea about how they get paid from affiliate links. Most beginners just spam the affiliate links and dream of making $1000 per month which is absolutely wrong.

Affiliate Providers have clearly mentioned that they will give you the commission of each sale not just distributing links. For that, you must have to follow all the tips that I discussed earlier.

Some companies also offer money for signups too but they must have to be genuine. If they found you are doing fraud with them they will surely ban you for lifetimes.

Companies that are providing affiliate links to the marketers, in which they have clearly mentioned the terms of payments. Most companies have some common rules of affiliation links and here are some of them.

  1. You have a fixed commission rate for each product.
  2. You can’t use the brand name as your blog or website name.
  3. Spamming or spreading links on the bad website is completely banned.
  4. The company will pay you the money after a fixed time period like once in a week or month.
  5. Also, some companies have fixed the amount of withdrawing. Like you can’t withdraw money before reaching $100.

Some Most Popular Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks also play a major role in the affiliate marketing earnings and commission rates. Different affiliate networks offer different commissions to marketers. Also, the competition is varied on different affiliate networks.

Where in some software products there is less competition and on the other hand in hosting products the competition is insane.

Affiliate Marketing flipkart

Amazon, CJ Affiliation, Click Bank, ShareASale are some of the most popular affiliate networks which are in higher demand by affiliates. Amazon Associates and CJ Affiliation are two of my favorite affiliate networks where I get almost every product affiliation.

Among all of the affiliate marketing Amazon is the first and must use platform. The main reason is you can find almost every things here and that’s what its logo itself says.

Cj Affiliate is the platform where you can get affiliation links of different software, hosting, domains, online services related affiliates. It is a one-stop affiliation destination.

How much do Amazon affiliate links pay?

Amazon Associate does not fix a particular amount in the affiliation program. Different product categories give different affiliate marketing commission rates. 

Amazon has fixed the affiliation links into two groups which are as below:

1. Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates For Specific Product Category

In this program, Amazon associate gives a fixed amount as payments which depend on product categories. Where Luxury Beauty and Amazon Coins affiliation gives you a 10% commission. Physical video games and video game console only give you a 1% affiliate marketing average income.

Product Category

2. Special Program Fee

Bounty Events

Bounty Events gives you a fixed amount for each sale. For example, if a person has used a prime video channel free trial by using your link, you will get $2.50 as commission. Click here to see the full Amazon commission rate.

Trade-In Program

Amazon Trade-in Program is available for United State members only. Into this trade-in program, there are 3 products are listed that give different payment.

affiliate marketing for amazon

Tips to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing for bloggers may be easy because they already know how to attract users with writing skills. But when it comes to affiliate marketing for students or beginners, things start to change. They are totally unaware of all the things and don’t know the strategies that could help.

Affiliate Marketing india

Every expert affiliate marketer has a secret strategy that he/she uses to earn more money. But you have to first start with basics and here are some of them.

1. Pick Less Competition Product First

If you want to be successful in Affiliate marketing then you must start with less competition product first. Because starting with less competition increase the sales possibilities higher.

Also when you start earning money with low competition products, it will increase your confidence too. So after time by time, you can challenge the higher competition products.

2. Take Time and Write Engage Articles

Many beginner affiliate marketers who owned a website, just insert the link into the page without mentioning any details. And hope for people to purchase with their links.

If you doing the same thing then trust me it won’t work. Users only purchase a product that they find useful or worth money.

For example, you want the best antivirus for your PC and you are searching for it. One website only showing a link to the product where you can buy the product. On the other hand, another website describes all the benefits of using that software and a complete tutorial. There’s no further discussion need which one you will choose.

That’s the reason why before posting any affiliate product must do some homework and provide proper detail to the users. Also, be sure your article should be informational or entertaining so it will engage the user.

3. Choose Only High Commission Rate Products

While picking up some best affiliate products only choose those products who gives you high commission rates. Sometimes new companies offer very low affiliate marketing payments which are not beneficial at all.

If you put the same effort into another company that pays you high commissions then you can make some profit.

4. Work with Only Trusted Companies

While doing Affiliate Marketing payments matters but so do company background. Only affiliate those companies’ products that are popular or trusted. Because if you’re promoting a company product which is recently launched, there a chance that they will not fulfill their promises. 

Choosing trusted companies for affiliate marketing gives a guarantee that your payment is secured. Also, you get a special bounty offers that you don’t get in new companies.

5. Promote Your Website

If you are doing affiliate marketing with your blog or website then do not forget your website using different methods. A higher authority website can rank higher with good content and promoting your website on different platforms build the authority.

The best way to increase website authority is SEO. SEO not only build the authority of your website in front search engine but also helps to bring organic traffic.

Which Social Media is Best For Affiliate Marketing Program?

If you don’t want to invest money but want to earn money using affiliate marketing then social media platforms are best for you. There’s no need for hosting and domains and also you don’t have to worry about other things like site backup, etc.

While doing affiliate marketing for Amazon or any other company, first you have to choose a particular platform. Because there are numerous social media platforms for affiliate marketing and you can handle all of them at a time. 

Affiliate Marketing earnings

Nowadays, YouTube looks like the best social media network for the affiliate marketing program because of varies features. You can upload a video of the product and discuss all the details in the video. Not only this but optimizing video on YouTube also easy and you can enter the affiliate link into the description.


Starting an affiliate marketing program is really worth and gives benefits to a long time. You can work part-time or full time in this field and make a profit countless. Also, you can become an entrepreneur after mastering the art of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best learning methods that demand hard work and patience. Once you know how affiliate marketing program works you can earn money very easily.

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