Ways To Increase Your CTR With Google Adwords

5 Most Effective Tips to Increase Your CTR with Google Adwords

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If you want to increase the click-through rate with Google Adwords then you have to follow some aspect of Google AdWords by which you can improve your adverts CTR. We know that a higher ctr (click-through rate) means a high conversion rate.

Some people consider improving CTR gives you more benefit but this is partially true. Generally, it is considered that high ctr equals high profits but that is partially true. CTR effectively means that people clicked your link – It does not ensure that conversion happened or not.  Conversion depends on your website/webpage quality often termed as “Quality Score” in Adwords jargon.

Google loves the quality score so for increasing CTR for your product and service, you will have a focus on quality score. You will observe an ad is on top on SERP while the other are below, quality is one of the main reason. Here are the top 5 strategies to improve your CTR with Google adwords:

  • Analyze your competitor
  • Your ads Title should be in capitalized case
  • Add Extension
  • Focus your targeted keyword in Google ads
  • Quality Score

 1. Analyze your competitor

If you want to surpass your competitor then undoubtedly you have to analyze them. How they are running ads for own product and service.

You can add those aspects that your competitor did not implement on it by analyzing them. Even you can steal the right keyword to add on your own ads. if you are newbie AdWords runner then you can take ideas from their ads like title, meta, extension.

2. Your ads Title should be in capitalized case

Well, it is most obvious to make your title and description in a capitalized case as it looks more natural to the human eyes. Also,  it really works to increase your AdWords CTR as reported by  workstream report.

• Your ads Title should be in capitalized case

With tittle and meta in capitalized case, you should also focus on the length of title and meta. Keep in mind – your title should be 30 characters and your description 90 character. So try to put the all-important aspect of your product, service in your title and Meta. To summarize “Your Title and Meta Description should be able to convey important things to the users without being  too long ”

3. Add relevant Extension

There are so many extensions that make your ads unique from the other advertiser. For example, some specific extensions let you make your ads look large and improve CTR in Google search.

Already there are many ads running on SERP so if you want to surpass them then you have to use relevant extension for your related product, service lead, etc.

In the below example the advertiser effectively used extension to show additional information about their services below the title and meta description.

Add relevant Extension

Below given  are all types of extensions with insight information:

Structured snippet extensions

It highlights every aspect of the product and service. For example, if you are selling a t-shirt then you will give all the variety of your t-shirt. Basically it adds value to your advert by showing related products as structured snippets below your ad.

Call out extension

Call out extension has been recently added by Google. A major advantage of this extension is that customers easily contact you after clicking on your contact number. This extension has become more important in today’s time as more and more people are accessing Google on mobile devices.

call out Extension

Directly it will enhance the CTR as well as your sales.

Here are two more extensions which will further help you enhance your Google Ads.

Sitelink ad extensions

Review extensions

4. Focus your targeted keyword in Google ads

Targeting the right keyword in your adverts is one of the most critical aspects for improving the CTR as well as your conversion rate. If you ignore it then your CTR will be poor and ultimately you will miss the opportunity to get more sales. Therefore put the relevant and right keywords in your title, description, and URL.

Although very basic but this is one of the most stupid mistakes one can make while using Google Ads.

Don’t miss the negative Keyword (Negative Keyword is those keywords which you don’t want to show your ads which search that keyword.)

Every newbie forgets about the negative keyword which can be very bad for your ads. Your money will be wasted if you didn’t add a negative keyword before running adverts. so be careful from irrelevant keywords.

Tips to Increase Your CTR with Google Adwords


5. Quality score

What is Quality Score?

In a simple word, Quality score is an estimate of the quality of landing page, ads, and keyword. Higher Quality score reduces your price and enhances your ctr as well as a better position on SERP. In the past few years, Google has time and over again emphasized on the improvement of user experience. Landing page which is easy to access and provides what user are looking for is going to get a better quality score.

In an experiment in which shown ads that have a better quality score than others then the chances to get on top ads will definitely increase. So Getting higher quality is not a simple task but after improving the quality score, surely your ads will give more sales, lead and many more.

Are these methods to increase your CTR really effective?

Yes, they are if used correctly. At the end of the day your performance will depend on many other factors like the quality of your landing page etc. But the tips we discussed above are some of the most obvious things which many users both new and advanced miss out.

These 5 tips to Increase Your CTR with Google Adwords will definitely give you an edge over your competitors. Once you implement these strategies then there are good chances that you will see an improvement in your overall CTR and conversions. In this article, We tried to give you every aspect of ads by which you enhance your conversion.

Did you find this article useful? Or  Did any of the above tips helped you boost your CTR? Let us know in the comments below


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