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How Your Web Hosting Can Affect SEO Ranking?

Many factors affect ranking in the search engine but web hosting determines a website’s overall performance, accessibility, security, and speed.

When we talk about the web hosting affects SEO ranking of a website, we are talking about the time it takes for the web page to load and that time depends on the web hosting.

Even though SEO is not directly linked to web hosting but websites that run smoothly and fast are more likely to rank higher than those that are slow and often crash.

You’ll understand how site web hosting affects SEO ranking. The short answer is that it does affect SEO ranking, but not directly. Here I will explain how it affects your website’s SEO ranking.

5 Web Hosting Factors That Impact SEO Ranking

5 web hosting factors that impact SEO ranking

If you want to make your website rank higher in the search engines, consider the below factors while choosing web hosting for your website.

  1. Website Speed
  2. Server Uptime
  3. Server Location
  4. Security (SSL Certificate)
  5. Technical Support

Website Speed

Website speed does matter in SEO ranking even the Google ranking factor says that page speed makes your website user experience better.

A user-friendly, fast-loading website has a better experience for your users and it helps to improve your Google ranking

Furthermore, a website with a long load time will have a high bounce rate, which has a direct impact on its search engine rankings. A decrease in a website’s SEO leads to a downrank which will make a lower conversion rate for your business.

So to improve your website speed, you must choose a web hosting company that offers a fast server speed.

If your website is about news or blog hosting plan depends on the traffic that your website gets any plan will work according to your website traffic and pages a limited plan is not good for your website.

You can check your website speed performance with the below tools.

  • GT Metrix
  • Google Page Insight
  • Pingdom
  • Google Page Experience Checker by Cloudways
  • YSlow
  • KeyCDN Speed Test
  • Zoompf

Server Uptime

If your website goes down frequently that means you are using a bad hosting provider. This will be bad for your website you will lose the traffic and potential sale that you can make through your website.

When your site gets down and the crawler comes to visit your website the crawler will not see your website page which is bad for your and it can de-index your page from the search engine.

So it is better to opt a web hosting with guaranteed uptime and use SEO tips to grow your business and active websites keep you ahead of your competitors.

Server Location

Always choose the web hosting that is located in the same location as your targeted audience. It will make your website load faster and it will be easy for the crawlers to crawl your website and index your page.

These days, thanks to CDNs like Akamai, Cloudflare, and others, the location of the server is unimportant.

If you are targeting a market in China or Russia, choose the same country server hosting. It is still preferable to choose the web hosting where your firm is located.

Security (SSL Certificate)

Google doesn’t prefer a website without  SSL certificate also google announced that it will give priority to the website which is having SSL certificate and it will boost your website ranking. 

Also, more security issues can affect your website’s SEO ranking like online malware attacks replacing content with the virus.

Web hosting with a free SSL certificate and regular malware scanning is good for your website.

Technical Support

Having dependable technical support from your web hosting company might be essential because technical issues with your website can affect its SEO ranking.

Choose a web host with quick-response support so you can obtain help with any difficulties as they arise. If your website goes down and you are unsure what to do next, it is best to find a web hosting provider that provides 24*7 help to solve your problem.

Therefore, you won’t have to wait long for a response and your website won’t suffer negatively in terms of the Google algorithm.

Does Shared Hosting Affect SEO?

Yes, at some point it affects your SEO ranking. Depending on your web hosting provider and the plan you have chosen.

Does A Slow Website Downrank My Website?

Yes, because page loading time and bounce rate is SEO ranking factor it will affect your website rank down if you have a slow website loading.

Final Words

Choose a web host with quick response support so you can obtain assistance with any issues as they arise. If your website goes down and you are unsure of what to do next, it is best to find a web host that offers 24-hour assistance so that you can receive help right away. Also, stay within your budget and buy hosting according to your business needs or the amount of traffic you are getting don’t buy costly hosting that your website doesn’t even need. Take smart decisions save money and buy branded hosting services that will fill your requirements.

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