You well-optimized your On-Page and off-Page SEO for your website. But still, your website is not getting high rank on SERP. So what factor is responsible for not gaining a high rank. If you are thinking your web server affects SEO ranking on the search engine result then the answer is absolutely right. Here you will easily understand how does web hosting affects SEO and indirectly it will create an obstacle to getting more traffic. And also you will know why some website owner buys VPS hosting or Dedicated instead of shared hosting.

How does web hosting affect SEO and how you can overcome it.

  • Uptime and downtime of Server
  • Web page loading speed
  • Your Server Location
  • Website safety
  • Shared Hosting

Uptime and downtime of sever    

If Your website uptime is good then it would be beneficial for your website. But if your website is suffered from the downtime then surely it will affect your ranking on SERP.

Uptime upto 99.9%

Downtime is like your website is offline or absence on the server. So consider if your site is not on a server then how search engine bots will find it and ultimately Your website authority will go down.

Presently Search engine prefers that website which uptime is good. So avoid the downtime, It is detrimental to our accomplish web pages. Some web hosting provider like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap, Hostinger, etc. who are providing approximately 99.9% which is excellent for your site.

Page loading speed         

Your page loading speed is similar to an athlete runner. If he runs faster the definitely he will win the match but if he doesn’t run properly then his competitor will surpass him. A website owner will never want someone who came on your website to move back to another website. It may happen if your page is loading is maximum.

Page loading Speed

If your website loading more than 2 seconds then it visitor can leave your site and ultimately your website bounce rate will increase. Now Search Engines are more aggressive to give the best performance to the user on mobile phones as well as desktop.

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 5.13 Billion people with mobile devices worldwide. Now you will understand how site speed matters for the search engine as well as the user. you can check your site speed by using page speed insight, Pingdom Tools, small SEO tools and many more.


Website Safety

In the case of security all the search engines, whether it is bing, google is more conscious of giving better security to the user. so that it is compulsory for every website owner who runs an online business.

Website Security

As per the expert analysis, every day and even every second, hackers are trying to hack customer personal details, malware attacks can demolish the trust between customer and site owner. This can create your site to be de-indexed and blacklisted by search engines. Due to it, your site performance will go down and undoubtedly your site rank will also decline. So

what matters which should you take from your own web hosting provider?

First SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

When you add SSL certificate on your website, it will protect sensitive information of your user while Entering credit card, debit card detail or any private information.

SSL certificates create an encrypted connection and protect any data that are transferred between a browser and a web server. Hackers cannot hack it. It will also build an online reputation. Once you add SSL certificate on your website then you will found your HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) convert into HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure).

Search engine Spider recognizes if you have been used it then it will help you give better ranking as comparably who have no  SSL certificate. After buying Hosting you should buy it also if you have an e-commerce website. Otherwise, your web hosting affects SEO ranking.

Second, Unfortunately, your data get lost due to some reason then you have to confirm is your web hosting provider giving Automatic, regular backups to protect you from losing important data.

Shared Hosting

Some newbie chooses the shared hosting because of cheap. but this is one of bigger mistake for who are running an e-commerce website.

Avoid Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is where multiple website hosts on a single server and there is no guarantee to lose or theft your data. Google does not give better ranking who have shared hosting. According to cloud ways search engine considers shared hosting is spamming. Now you will get How does shared hosting affect SEO ranking on SERP.

Does changing host affect google ranking?

The answer is definitely “YES”, In the future if you try to change your server then changing a host affect Google ranking. Here are some minimal effect when you switch your hosting.

  • The quality of the server
  • The page load speed
  • The server location
  • The hosting plan
  • The type of hosting plan
  • Modifying the structure of the website

Your Server Location

Your website servers location matters if you are targeting your customers in the local area. Then it would most beneficial if your server also locates in that area.

Server Location

So how your hosting affects SEO ranking if your server in your targeted area, consider if you are running a business in India and your server is in India then search engine more prefer to the local hosting website in case of giving SEO ranking. Your local audience easily finds you and will create an engagement between you and your customer.

It will help in the fastest downloading, loading, fetch your website faster.

Let sum up

Follow these five methods to get higher visibility on SERP. Definitely, it will help you to give amazing results for your website. And avoid shared hosting choose VPS Or Dedicated hosting which gives 99.9% uptime approximately, Regular Backup for your Ecommerce website. Maintain your Page loading speed and your server location.

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