Search engine optimization (SEO)  is a process to rank a website on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc related to query terms or keywords. SEO is a  free procedure to enhancement the site quantity and quality traffic by organically, or naturally. Individuals and firms practice SEO to enhance their website or web page visibility on the top search results of the search engine. However, paid options also available to achieve the top ranks is called Search engine Marketing SEM. Nowadays to display on the top ranking is getting tougher than ever. Tons of websites are coming daily and they all want to rank top on search engines. So if you know the basic elements of SEO strategy, there is a chance to get display on search engines on the first page.

Why fighting for top rank?

Because people want answers to their queries at a quick and reliable way. People don’t go on the second page. And even sometimes they don’t scroll down after 3-4 search results.

Four Key Elements of SEO strategy

Crawlability and site structure

Search engine like google, they have robots called crawlers or spiders. They crawl the web pages and save the HTML version on its index database of google. It’s called indexing.

Now, what is crawlability? Crawbility term is described with the ability of a search engine to crawl the website.   If your website robot.txt is blocked so crawlers don’t crawl your website and it will show with an error 404 display.

Site structure is described with how well organized is your site. Its means a well-organized site contains a homepage, Categories, Subcategories(in case of huge sites) and Subpages. And they all align in pyramidal levels.


How to increase crawlability and improve Site Structure?

Pro Tips

  • Create trustworthy, valuable, good quality and quantity content. Lots of content help to create lots of internal links. Give do-follow interlinks it pass the link juice. It can improve the page authority.
  • Keep Update your XML sitemap whenever you add a new page. Make your website fast, and mobile-friendly. Google crawlers love this.

On-Page Content optimization

The practice of SEO techniques on the web page to gain more quality traffic organically is called on-page search engine optimization. Content optimization is important in order to get good results.

Pro Tips

  • Create good quality content without grammar mistakes. Stuff your targeted keywords in the content but make sure don’t stuff too many keywords its called keyword stuffing.
  • Use headings subheading H1 H2 H3 tags because google crawlers read this.
  • Use short links and slugs which is readable for user and crawler both.
  • Image optimization with alt text.
  • Write long words of content it can increase the dwell time and decrease the bounce-back rate. So its prove for google your content quality is good.
  • Write your meta description under 180 characters and it’s a summary of your content.

Offsite Link Building

Link building is a process of taking links from other websites. In order to increase referral traffic of the web page. Link building plays a major role in web page ranking on search engine result page(SERPs). Its increase the domain authority and page authority. Off-site or Off-Page SEO in this process mainly we do activities to get good, relevant, unique links from the external websites. Some Legit Off-page SEO techniques:

  • Guest posting – We publish an article for someones else websites or blog and in return, they give us a backlink.
  • Social media marketing – Promote your website on the other social media handles by posting relevant content and you put links of your website to get traffic.
  • Video marketing – Video content is growing tremendously so take benefit from them. Use Youtube and other video content platforms to drive more traffic to your site.
  • PDF submission – Create pdf file of your niche content and submit them on pdf submission sites. Its increase your brand value and trust for your users.
  • Infographics – Google read image text so use beautiful valuable infographics which is to engage your audience and its increase your dwell time.

Pro Tips

Don’t do black hat SEO activities during link building otherwise, google will penalize your site and deindex your website.

Build links on that pages which is relevant to your niche, brand, industry type which have more value.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

In purpose to increase the brand value and awareness of the product, website and digital products with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and lots more. Search engine like google also crawl the social media profiles and activities. So some searches happen for your social media profile than google give results if you practice SMO. Its also increase the popularity and give you huge organic traffic.

Pro Tips

  • Build your relevant audience related to your brand or website by creating pages.
  • Create daily posts and try to interact with your audiences.

Final words

Search engine optimization is a vast subject but these are the 4 basic elements of SEO strategy that can help you to grow your website. There are more SEO strategies to rank your website on search engines but these are the key elements which are compulsory if you want to be in the game for a longer period.

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