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Instagram VS Facebook: Which One Is Beneficial For You In 2024?

Instagram and Facebook both are the top contenders in the list of top social media sites. Where Facebook is in the top position with more than 2 billion active users. Instagram is competing with WeChat for the fourth position with more than 1 billion users. Instagram took a big jump in a few years and gained so much popularity in comparison to any other social media site. That’s how Instagram vs Facebook comparison starts. 

Different kinds of people share their opinion on which one is better. The opinion is basically based on visuals, ease of use, and benefits.

Let’s starts from the root and discuss some core similarity and difference between Instagram and Facebook. This will help you to understand which is more beneficial for you.

Now, let’s know about history: Instagram VS Facebook

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where a person can edit and share images, post short videos and communicate with friends. 

Same to Facebook, Instagram is also a free social media application. It is started in San Francisco, California by Kevin Systtrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram word is an amalgam of two words “Instant Camera” and “Telegram”. In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg bought this social media platform by paying $1 Billion. 

Instagram is used by people for different purpose which is as follow:

  1. Edit and Share Images
  2. Connect with People
  3. Influence Marketing
  4. Online Business, etc.

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site that is started by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Mark was studying at Harvard University when they launched this social media site. Now it has more than 2 billion active users who use it for different purposes like:

  1. Sending Messages to each other
  2. Posting Updates(Images, Text, Videos)
  3. Making New Friends
  4. To Get New Ideas
  5. Online Business, etc.

Facebook is a place where you can connect with people, share your opinion and read information content at the same time. There’s no need to use a different app for all this work and that’s what makes Facebook special.

In Facebook vs Instagram, we have learned about both platforms’ history. Now let’s look at Facebook and Instagram’s similarities and differences.

How Are Instagram And Facebook Similar To Each Other?

Instgram and Facebook similer to each other

Instagram and Facebook both have a large number of users. Because of social media nature, they have some common attributes that look similar. 

Similarities Between Instagram And Facebook

  1. Follow People:  You can add or follow your family members, friends, and also unknown people on Instagram as well as on Facebook. Both provide the features to connect with people. Also, you can follow your favorite celebrity too on Facebook and Instagram. 
  2. Block People: Sometimes don’t want to see or to be in contact with particular people. For this purpose, there is a block option in social media. You can block stalkers or any particular person so they cannot see your activity anymore. The block feature is available on Instagram and Facebook both.
  3. Online Store: Online business becomes popular in the past few decades. A large number of users make social media sites perfect for online businesses. You can easily create an online store on Instagram or Facebook and earn easy money
  4. Post & Tag: One of the main reasons behind the popularity of social media sites is, they allow a user to share their activity. You can share images or videos and tag them with your favorite people. The posting and Tag feature is also available on Facebook and Insta.
  5. Like, Comment & Share: There’s no fun without interacting with other people over social media. That’s why Facebook and Instagram both support this amazing feature. With the Like, Comment & Share feature, you can keep connected with your loved ones. You can like their images and comment on them and also share them too other people.

What Are The Differences Between Facebook And Instagram?

Where Instagram and Facebook have some similarities there have some differences too that make us know about Instagram vs Facebook. Here are some differences that make them different from each other.

  • No Gaming Feature: Gaming is one of the best activities to enjoy time with family or friends. Facebook provides thousands of games like Candy Crush, Dragon City, Criminal Case, Farm Ville, and many others to play. All of them are free to use. But there’s no gaming feature on Instagram. For entertainment, Instagram has IGTV where you can enjoy tons of entertaining videos every day. 
  • Can’t Share Thoughts: Facebook allows a user to post pics/videos, and share their thoughts with texts, and chat functions. But on Instagram, you can only post share pics/videos, and chat with people. There is no feature for sharing thoughts.
  • Less Functionality on PC: Facebook provides the same features on a smartphone and PC. But Instagram doesn’t give the same function on a PC that you are using on a smartphone. There are some limitations while posting on Instagram through PC like you can’t share stories.
  • No Post Without Pic: Instagram doesn’t allow you to share a post that contains text only. You must have to upload an image or video for that. On the other hand, You can easily share an unlimited post without uploading a single image.
  • Limitation on Post: Instagram allows a user to post 10 images at a single time. You can post more than 10 images at once. For that, you have to continue the process. On Facebook, you can upload at least 30 images at once. Which is 300% more amount than Instagram.
  • Post Nature: As Facebook provides multiple pic upload features, many people use it in the wrong way. Thousand of Images on Facebook are not polished and speak more like a brand rather than an individual.

In comparison to Facebook, Images on Instagram are more individual. For example, you went to a coffee shop with your friends, took a selfie, and uploaded it on Instagram. That’s how posting is more relaxed on Instagram.

From above you’ve got an idea about the similarities and differences between Instagram Vs Facebook, now let’s look at which one is the safer platform and some safety tips to secure your account.

Instagram Or Facebook Which Is Safer?

Many people wonder whether Instagram or Facebook which is safer to use in terms of protecting their personal information and privacy. “Meta” being the parent company of Instagram, Facebook shares the same terms of privacy that are used in itself. But Facebook has some more privacy features. For example, you can customize your every post as per the individual. 

Facebook and Instagram both store users’ data and allow third-party authorization access. By allowing these features third-party apps can access your activity. But you can easily remove that access anytime in a few steps. 

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Account Safe On Facebook And Instagram:

Well, keeping your account secure is so important no matter which platform will you choose between Instagram Vs Facebook. So, let’s learn about some tips that will keep your account secure.

  1. Make your account public to private for better security. It protects your account from being stalked and identity theft.
  2. Never ever interact with those accounts that look suspicious.
  3. Create a strong possible password that nobody can guess. Stop using your birth year, mobile number, or your ex-name in the password. Use upper lowercase with numbers to make it complex and hard to guess.
  4. Sharing your location can put you in danger sometimes. It’s better not to share your location with everyone.
  5. Just like the location, you should not share your every little activity with everyone. This might could bring you trouble.
  6. Choose a private network in place of a Public network. Hackers and other cyber threats are more active on the public network like Coffee shop wifi.

What To Post On Instagram Vs Facebook?

What you are posting and where that matters a lot. Where a post of yours works great on a social media platform like Facebook. That doesn’t mean it gives the same result on Instagram. You have to use the right post in the right place to get more effective results. Here are some different strategies to make your post more successful.

1. Links

Facebook allows a user to post a link on each post. With this feature, you can easily convert your Facebook followers into your website traffic. 

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t give you the feature of links in the post section. Still, if you want to post a link urgently so you can use the profile section. Keep in mind you can add a link at once. So pick your most important link to place there.

2. Text And Captions

Facebook’s long Text support feature is very beneficial for those people who write. A writer or influencer can easily share his/her thought or can influence his followers with the text. Videos and Images require time so you can use text to save time.

Instagram doesn’t provide long text features but still, but it has the caption & hashtag feature. You can write a short and attractive caption and use a maximum of 30 hashtags under the caption. Also, you can use 20 hashtags in the comment section also.

3. Images

Uploading many images at once is one of the biggest advantages of Facebook. But many users don’t know how to take the benefits of this feature. They upload irrelevant images too with main images that sometimes sound more promotional. Most of the images on your post must be interesting for your followers.

Instagram has 10 image upload features at home but because of the great user-friendly interface advantage are higher here. Just post those images that co-relate with each other. You will surely get more reach and benefit from images. 

Which Is Better For Business, Instagram Vs Facebook?

Social Media sites can be your Ace of Spades for your business. They can help a lot if you know how to use social media to promote business. But the tricky situation comes when you have to choose one among them. 

Here are some points which help you to choose the best social media platform for social media marketing of your business.

Active Users

Facebook has more than 2.38 Billion active users whereas Instagram has around 1 Billion. There is a huge difference in active users between Facebook and Instagram.

For a business person, a higher audience means a higher possibility of a sale. So, if you are looking for a quantity then Facebook is best for you. So in quantity, Facebook is the winner of Instagram vs Facebook. 

Marketer’s Favorite

89% of Marketers use Facebook for business. Reason can differ according to an organization like Facebook started before Instagram, have more features, etc. On the other hand, 65% of current users use Instagram which is less than Facebook.

Customer Type

Most of the people who use Facebook are mature and belong to the 25-60 age group. That means a higher amount of people are self-independent. But on Instagram, most of the users belong to the 13-30 age group. It clearly shows why marketer chooses Facebook over Instagram.


When it comes to user engagement Instagram is easy compared to Facebook. Where a post on Facebook gets 20-30 likes on Facebook, the same post can get likes on Instagram more than a hundred easily. So, if you want to engage more customers then you must select Instagram over Facebook.


The biggest advantage of using Instagram is instant attraction. When you open Instagram you see a post on the first interaction. Where on Facebook, there are different stuff like stories, post features, and then other things. Also, Instagram visuals make images more attractive and engaging rather than Facebook.

Which Is Better, Instagram Vs Facebook?

Choosing one platform between Instagram and Facebook is like choosing one team from Team Cap and Team Iron Man. Both are strong and best social media sites in their own way. If you give more value to visuals and are interested in images, videos, and presentations then Instagram is the best for you. If you like to write and are more flexible with text and images then you can influence people on Facebook easily.

Facebook gives a huge number of features to users which makes it a little bit complicated. Many people get confused after looking at all features and it becomes hard to select the useful one. Whereas Instagram has limited features which makes it more user-friendly. People can only post images/videos, watch reels/IGTV, and chat with people.

Facebook gives you the feature to make an album of your favorite time like a concert or event. You can add images to the particular album and tag your friends on them. Instagram gives a user-to-live feature in which you can broadcast videos to your followers. Your followers can also enjoy the same moment just like you.

Both social media platforms are free, good, and easy to use. Using both platforms at the same time creates a higher possibility of success. So, I would suggest you use Facebook and Instagram together.

Do you think that Instagram will take over Facebook in the upcoming decade and become the winner of the Instagram vs Facebook war?

What Is The Difference Between Facebook And Instagram?

The difference is that Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform, while Facebook is a multi-purpose social networking site that also allows users to connect with friends, family, and businesses.

Which Is One More Popular, In Instagram VS Facebook?

Facebook is still the more popular platform as it has over 2.7 billion monthly active users compared to Instagram which has 1.2 billion monthly active users.

Can I Link My Instagram Account To My Facebook Account?

Yes, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This allows you to share your Instagram posts on Facebook directly and helps with cross-promotion.

Which Platform Is Better For Businesses, In Instagram Vs Facebook?

Well, It depends on the nature of the business and its target audience. Instagram is better for businesses that rely on visual content, while Facebook is better for businesses that want to reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Can I Advertise On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, both platforms offer advertising options for businesses. However, the ad formats and targeting options differ between the two platforms for online advertising and PPC pay-per-click.

Can I Use The Same Content On Both Instagram And Facebook?

Both platforms allow image and video sharing

Yes, you can use the same content on both platforms, but it’s important to consider the differences in audience and formatting. For example, Instagram favors vertical or square photos, while Facebook supports both vertical and horizontal photos.

Is Instagram Owned By Facebook?

Yes, Instagram is owned by Facebook which is officially known as Meta now. The social media giant acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion.

Are The Privacy Settings The Same On Instagram And Facebook?

No, the privacy settings on Instagram and Facebook differ slightly. It’s important to review and adjust your privacy settings on both platforms to ensure you’re sharing information with only the people you want to.

Which Platform Is Better For Personal Use, In Instagram VS Facebook?

Well, It depends on personal preference and how you like to use social media. Instagram is more focused on visual content and is popular for sharing photos, reels, and stories, while Facebook offers a wider range of content formats and allows for more interaction with friends and family like through games.

Is Instagram Safer Than Facebook?

It’s difficult to determine whether Instagram is safer than Facebook as both platforms have had privacy and security concerns. However, both platforms’ parent company is “Meta” have implemented measures to enhance user safety, such as two-factor authentication and privacy settings.

Which Platform Is Better For Businesses, Instagram or Facebook?

Both social media platforms have their own benefits and privacy features and can be beneficial for a company in different ways. From digital marketing aspects using both of the applications will be beneficial for your business and give you a higher reach as compared to using only one of them. For social media marketing campaigns the meta company provides a dashboard from where you can control advertisement on both platforms together.

Can You Link Instagram And Facebook Accounts?

Yes, you can easily connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account as the parent company of both applications is the same. It means you just have to post on one platform and the second one will automatically sync everything on your profile such as bio and images.

Which Platform Has A Higher Engagement Rate?

If we talk about engagement rates then Instagram has more engagement rates compared to Facebook. But when it comes to reaching and impressions starting a Facebook campaign will be more beneficial for you.

Are Instagram Stories Better Than Facebook Stories?

Yes, Instagram stories are much better than Facebook because of being used by this new generation Z. New generation loves to show their stuff and tour photos and this is one of the reasons why Instagram stories have more engagement rate.

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