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What are the top WordPress(WP) SEO plugins to boost organic traffic?

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Do you want to increase the ranking position of your website? If you have chosen search engine optimization for increasing traffic for your products and services you offered, then you need some essentials tools and plugins for your site if you want to improve your site visibility on search engines. If you want to become an SEO expert then you will learn about WordPress SEO plugin and tools. You can make your career by courses and from the best seo training center ncr. You will learn here all SEO basics to advance on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEO Plugins For WordPress

Yoast SEO

This Yoast SEO is widely using plugin and this Yoast SEO provides you many benefits and features you can add focus keyword that you want to rank, meta tag and meta description are important to rank your content on a search engine. This plugin provides you to add the meta description, Snippets for your content. Content is a rank when it is optimized with complete detail like SEO title, Slug, meta description, snippet. These all details show on the search engine of your content that helps google to indexing your site.

yoast seo

Yoast SEO is a free plugin and to improve search ranking it shows you analysis result with a green and red dot. Analysis result of SEO is about how is your content what should you use in your content like synonym, transition words, consecutive sentences, passive voices, paragraph length, heading, subheading, and others.

yoast seo


Shortpixel is the plugin that compresses and optimizes the images on your site. As you know image files take time for some few seconds to load so for this short pixel plugin is uses. Accurate image loading speed matters for improving the search engine ranking of your website.


This plugin is used to implementing 301 redirects in this you will have an option to fill your source URL, target URL. This plugin is 100 % free and premium included for using this.

Cache Plugin

Do you want to increase the speed of your WordPress website? If yes this cache plugin is used for speeding up your website. Loading of your site on search engine matters and google algorithm has considered this. If your site does not load at faster speed so it leads to a decrease in your search engine ranking. A one-second delay in loading your website can distract the mind of the web-users. Users can shift to other sites for finding their relevant information.

Let’s look at the best WordPress cache plugin are available-

Hyper Cache(free)

Cache Enabler(free)

Comet Cache(free & premium)

WP Fastest Cache(free & premium)

WP total cache(free)

WP super cache(free)

WP Rocket(premium)

Rank Math

This plugin is the most effectual for your WordPress website in the way that it has some features which Yoast and other competitors do not have.

  • Google search console integration
  • Rich snippet markup
  • Redirection(301, 302, 307,410,451)
  • Facebook and Twitter card preview

In this plugin 404 error monitor also that will redirect about all visitors facing 404(dead) page while open in the browser. You can do away with this issue by redirecting or removal internal links to the 404.

Table of content

This plugin adds a table of content in your post that will help you in easy to navigate, it converts the long type of content into sections. It ensures that your long or multi-topic pages are well structured and its effect on SEO and in improve ranking.

table of content

Broken link checker

Broken link checker plugin is used for broken links in your site that can be internal or external. If there is any this kind of link found in the site it sends you e-mail notifications about HTTPs status code 404, 410. This plugin makes easy to fix and find.

broken link checker


An anti-spam plugin is used to filter spam comments without requiring a captcha. You need to know while doing SEO that spammy comments also affect your SEO even if your links are no-follow.

Along with this for improving organic traffic there are different ways for your WordPress website

  • SEO as you might have known that SEO is a part of digital marketing and you also are familiar with this why digital marketing is so important for promoting products or services on social media, search engines to reach the visitors.
  • Social media is the most effective way to attract visitors by posting content, images or videos or ads you can easily build your brand awareness. More than 80% of people are present to use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and others.
  • Blogging blog is the most effective tip for improving search engine ranking by only focusing on relevant keywords related to your website or pages.

Apart from this, you can increase domain authority by creating backlinks, by adding more videos and follow google trends, guidelines.






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